Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Punjab Library Foundation? Top
The Punjab Library Foundation has been created to monitor the workings of public libraries established all over the province by extending financial support in the form of grants and providing trainings for the capacity building of  library staff.
To which institutions does PLF provide support? Top
PLF extends its financial and administrative suppport to all the public libraries established by the Local Government and the Community Development Department. It also provides assistance to  private libraries.
What is the procedure to get the Grant-in-Aid? Top
PLF has devised a specific criteria for extending grants to libraries. To avail the Grant-in-Aid, libraries are advised to get themselves registered with PLF.
Is there any limit for the Grant-in-Aid? Top
There is no limit for the Grant-in-Aid. However, each request for it is reviewed and recommended by the Budget and Financial Committee before the final approval is given by the Board of Governors of PLF.
Who is the competent authority for the issuance of the Grant-in-Aid? Top
The authority to approve the Grant-in-Aid rests with the Board of Governors of PLF.