In addition to the provision of "Grant-in-Aid for the public and private libraries, PLF has also organized:

  • Workshops for the capacity building of the librarians and library staff

  • Workshops to promote reading among citizens

  • Punjab Library Foundation Rules 2014 notified

  • Punjab Library Foundation Regulations under process

  • Book fairs in collaboration with Pakistan Book Seller Association

  • An exercise to conduct survey of all the public libraries in the province has been conducted in collaboration with Library & Information Science department, University of the Punjab leading to printing of directory of all the Libraries

  • 46th meeting of BOG was held on 14-04-2014 under the chairmanship of Mr. Ata-ul-Haq Qasmi

  • 47th meeting of BOG was held on 24-06-2014 at Quaid-e-Azam, Library, Lahore

  • 48th meeting of BOG was held on 02-03-2015 at Committee room of Lahore Art Council (Al-Hamara)