Libraries are the Foundation for Learning
What We Do
Punjab Library Foundation has been established primarily to extend its financial support to operational public libraries in shape of grant-in- aid for the procurement of books, equipment, library furniture and other related items.
The importance of transparency is always on the priority of Punjab Library Foundation. In this regard, the Board of Governors (BOG), Punjab Library Foundation (PLF), discussed in its various meetings that there was no proper system.
  • To operate a library service throughout the province by providing books, equipment and other assistance as approved by the BOG/Executive Committee
  • To frame a policy for the development and promotion of libraries in the province
  • To arrange for the preservation of rare published material and manuscripts
  • To support activities for the promotion of libraries, advancement of library science and cooperation among libraries
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Punjab Library Foundation?
The Punjab Library Foundation has been created to monitor the workings of public libraries established all over the province by extending financial support in the form of grants and providing trainings for the capacity building of library staff.
To which institutions does PLF provide support?
PLF extends its financial and administrative suppport to all the public libraries established by the Local Government and the Community Development Department. It also provides assistance to private libraries.
What is the procedure to get the Grant-in-Aid?
PLF has devised a specific criteria for extending grants to libraries. To avail the Grant-in-Aid, libraries are advised to get themselves registered with PLF.
Is there any limit for the Grant-in-Aid?
There is no limit for the Grant-in-Aid. However, each request for it is reviewed and recommended by the Budget and Financial Committee before the final approval is given by the Board of Governors of PLF.